Days Lane Baptist Church - Blackfen - Sidcup

Meet the Church

People make the church. Find out about some of us below and what it means for us to follow Jesus.



“I’m just an ordinary person. I’ve been married 52 years, got 6 grandchildren and we had 3 daughters. I’ve lived in Sidcup since I was 11. I went to Sunday School, as most children did then. I believed in God, I got married in church. But I still wasn’t a Christian. When our daughter Jane died a week before her 6th birthday, I was very angry with God, blaming him for Jane’s death. One day, I was really heartbroken, and I fell into a deep sleep, and when I woke, I felt a great peace. And I prayed to God, and then I prayed for somewhere to go, during the day, to study the Bible. As I was going out the door, a friend came across the road and said would I like to come to the Ladies’ Bible study on the Wednesday morning? I couldn’t believe it! So I went, didn’t know anyone at first. But it was wonderful to find people who believed the Bible was actually true. It gradually went on from there, and in the end I asked to be baptised. I’ve never looked back really.

Jesus has given me peace in my heart. I’ve come to accept his will for things – I’m not raging against him any more. I know he knows the beginning to the end; he knows what he’s doing and I can trust him, and rest on him. That’s what he means to me.”

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