Days Lane Baptist Church - Blackfen - Sidcup

Library Catalogue

If you are interested in borrowing or returning a book/video please contact Dorothy or email stating your enquiry.

A Guide to using the Library


When borrowing a book please write the date of borrowing and your full name on the record card located inside the front cover of the book. Then place the card inside a plastic wallet provided and put this on the shelf in the place of the book, sticking out so that it is visible.


When returning the book please remove the record card from the plastic wallet and replace it back inside the front cover of the book. Then return the book to its place on the bookshelf.

Out on loan:

If you find that a particular book you are interested in is out on loan, look at the name on the card to see who is borrowing it. If the date borrowed is recent, then give them a couple more weeks then let them know you are waiting to borrow the book. When you have finished reading a book that someone is waiting for, please
return it to the shelf first, and then let them know.

Please do not pass a book to another person before returning it to the shelf because the record cards will be inaccurate, and the book will not easily be traced. Please always use a bookmark, do not fold the corners of the pages.
If a book is in need of some repair please contact Dorothy Kenn, do not
attempt to repair it yourself.
Thank you