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A GLORIOUS HIGH THRONE – Hebrews simply explained
Written by: Edgar Andrews
Published by Evangelical Press 2003
ISBN: 085234547 X

The epistle to the Hebrews begins by unveiling the glory of Christ — the eternal Son of God who shares the everlasting throne of ‘the Majesty on high’. It shows in entrancing detail how he descended from that throne to become a man, that he might rescue his people from death, judgement and the power of sin. A combination of careful scholarship and readability, along with apt illustrations. How does Christ rescue his people? By inaugurating a new covenant — ‘the new covenant in my blood’ — replete with better promises, a better priesthood, a better sacrifice and a better hope than had hitherto prevailed under the law of Moses. By one offering for sin for ever, Christ our great High Priest has perfected for ever those he has set apart for his glory and who come to God through him. He is their advocate, their rest, their righteousness, their example, and their ‘exceeding great reward’.

Written by: Sir Robert Anderson
Published by Kregel Publiations 2000
ISBN: 0825421152

At the time when Jack the Ripper terrorized London, Sir Robert Anderson worked as Chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of Scotland Yard. He was knighted upon retirement in 1901, but his greatest accomplishment was writing perhaps the most influential book on messianic prophecy in history. In ‘The Coming Prince’, Anderson expounds upon the famous “70 weeks” prophecy of Daniel 9, conclusively demonstrating the supernatural source of the Bible by its fulfilled prediction of the exact time in history when the Messiah was to appear.

CHRIST ALL SUFFICIENT – Colossians & Philemon simply explained
Written by: J Philip Arthur
Published by Evangelical Press 2007
ISBN: 0852346557

J Philip Arthur reminds us that there was a problem with the church in Colossae, prompting Paul to write. It seemed there was a real danger that an impressionable young church might be dragged away from their devotion to Christ. Worryingly, as today, there were those who were influenced by false teaching. The letter to Philemon was personal he was a member of the Colossian church. The theme here is simple: forgiveness. It is also vital as its lack between Christians brings God s cause into disrepute. Paul, under house arrest in Rome, wrote these two letters which were both sent to Colossae at the same time and by the same messenger, a man named Tychicus.

1 CORINTHIANS – Holiness and Hope of a Rescued People
Written by: Paul Barnett
Published by Christian Focus Publications 2004
ISBN: 185792598X

First Corinthians is Paul’s masterly pastoral letter to a church, which he founded five years earlier, but which in the meantime has lost its way. In Ephesus Paul was visited by various groups from Corinth bringing disturbing reports of recent developments, but also a list of questions. A little sleuthing helps us recover an idea of the problems in Corinth as well as the questions to which they wanted answers. A less imaginative person may have simply addressed the problems and replied to the questions, but not Paul. Paul discerned in the problems and the questions five underlying issues. He has arranged his letter as a series of sermons – True Wisdom (1-4), Sexual Holiness (5-7), Temple Attendance (8-10), Behaviour at Church Meetings (11-14), Resurrection Hope (15). This letter is both timely and timeless. It was, doubtless, piercingly relevant for the Corinthians as they sat transfixed listening as it was read to them. But the letter continues to challenge readers today as they apply its principles to life in an increasingly unstable and hostile world – as Corinth was.

BUILDING FOR GOD’S GLORY – Haggai & Zechariah simply explained
Written by: Michael Bentley
Published by Evangelical Press 1999
ISBN: 0852342594

Times were tough for the first recipients of the prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah. They needed to be encouraged to resume the work of reconstructing the temple – to awake from their lethargy and to be enthusiastic for a life lived in obedience to God. The people were still very materialistic in their outlook. Their zeal was for ritual rather than reliance on the Lord. Their concern was for respectability in religious observance rather than an acknowledgement of their sin and a desire to please God in all their thoughts and actions.

PASSING ON THE TRUTH – 1&2 Timothy Simply Explained
Written by: Michael Bentley
Published by Evangelical Press 1997
ISBN: 0852343892

Paul wrote 1 Timothy so that the Christians at Ephesus would have practical help on care for local churches. His second letter gives a glimpse of Paul’s human side, as he expresses both his loneliness and longing for Timothy to visit him. Both letters warn against the danger of false teaching. Helpful for talk preparation or devotional study. Paul wrote his first epistle to Timothy so that the Christians at Ephesus should ‘know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth’. The epistle contains a wealth of practical help and guidance on the administration and care of local churches, including the roles of men and women, the appointment and responsibilities of church officers, the financial support of elders and the care of widows. The second epistle to Timothy was to be Paul’s last letter, written from prison as he awaited his final trial and execution. In it we catch a glimpse of the human side of the great apostle as he feels loneliness and longs for a last visit from his younger friend. Central to both epistles if the theme of the apostle’s concern to warn against false doctrine and his charge to Timothy, and through him to succeeding generations of believers down the ages, to guard faithfully as a precious deposit the truth entrusted to him by Paul and the other apostles and to pass it on to others.

RANSOMED, HEALED, RESTORED, FORGIVEN – Learning from the Life of Peter
Written by: Michael Bentley
Published by Evangelical press
ISBN: 0852344562

Tells the story of a man who, in the normal course of events, would have spent his days working as an unknown fisherman on the sea of Galilee.

SAVING A FALLEN WORLD – Luke Simply Explained
Written by: Michael Bentley
Published by Evangelical press
ISBN: 0852343000

Saving a Fallen World. At the heart of Luke’s Gospel is the truth that God sent his Son to ‘seek and to save what was lost’. More than any of the other Gospel writers, Luke shows us the Lord dealing with individual people and how their lives were changed as a result of their personal encounter with him. These people came from all ranks of society: the rugged fisherman, the poor widow, the wealthy tax collector, the ruler of the synagogue, the Roman centurion. As the only New Testament writer who was not a Jew, Luke consciously writes his account for Gentiles as well as Jews, showing that the message of the Gospel is for all kinds of people in this fallen world.

TURNING BACK TO GOD – Hosea & Obadiah Simply Explained
Written by: Michael Bentley
Published by Evangelical press 2000

The prophecies of Hosea and Obadiah, along with the other so-called ‘Minor Prophets’, are all too frequently overlooked by contemporary Christians, and we are much the poorer as a result. Preachers will find this a useful resource for sermon preparation and others will benefit from its instruction. The weakness of the churches in our generation is largely due to our ignorance of the character of God. Nowhere in the Bible is that character more clearly expounded than in the ministry of the prophets. If the church neglects to listen to God’s word of self-revelation through them, we shall be condemned to a superficial sentimentalism in our view of God, which will inevitably be blown away, like dust, in the storms of life. Both Hosea and Obadiah came to teach the unchanging character of the covenant LORD to a deaf and careless people. In the midst of all the uncertainties and unpredictability of the tides of human history, the rock of God’s sovereign immutability stands, immovable and totally dominant. That was what God’s people needed to know then and it is exactly the same message which Christians today need to hear and heed. Here is a commentary which is a sure guide to these two remarkable Old Testament books.

Written by: John Benton
Published by Evangelical Press 1997
ISBN: 0852343841

Many Christians are uneasily aware that there is a gap between their conscious commitment to the Lord Jesus and their practical, day-to-day living. This does not always arise from conscious disobedience to the Lord. Often sincere Christians find that this gap is opening up in their lives and they are rather bewildered by it. Something is happening which they do not quite understand, and they are not sure what to do about it. This dichotomy between belief and behaviour is the central theme of Paul’s letter to Titus and the epistle has much to say to our generation of Christians today. As Paul writes to Titus, he is well aware of the problem. But he has a sure and firm answer. The apostle provides us with spiritual dynamite to blast a way out of prison of subjectivism and self-centred living into the freedom and integrity which are ours in Christ.

A LIFTING UP FOR THE DOWNAST – 13 Sermons on Psalm 42:11
Written by: William Bridge
Published by The banner of Truth Trust 1979
ISBN: 0851512984

Depression is not unique to our times. To encourage the depressed, Bridge wrote this choice book and filled it with the kind of rich encouragement which our generation too rarely hears.

Written by: Hubert Brooke
Published by Marshall Brothers 1890

Hubert Brooke in this book looks at ‘The call of God’s People to be lights, and witnesses.’; ‘Their inability in person and power.’; ‘Their provision in God.’; ‘Their consequent action.’ And ‘Their experience of blessing.’

GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS – Lamentations Simply Explained
Written by: Richard Brooks
Published By Evangelical Press 1999
ISBN: 0852342578

Lamentations is not familiar territory for many Christians, yet it deals searchingly with abiding themes such as the spiritual glory of the church and the tragedy when this is lost. It is a book that speaks directly to the confused Christianity and evangelicalism of our present day. The author applies the lessons of backsliding Judah to contemporary Christianity, reminding us of God ‘s love. Richard Brooks’ warm and pastoral exposition reminds members of the church of Christ to examine themselves and take encouragement. ‘Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.’

Written by: Oswald Chambers
Published by Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1972
ISBN: 0551052198

“The life of a Christian is stamped by a strong family likeness to Jesus,” says Oswald Chambers. But what does it look like for Christians to bear this “family likeness”? In Bringing Sons unto Glory, Chambers examines the four Gospel accounts to draw a portrait of Jesus Christ, asking what exactly His bodily incarnation means for us today. When we gaze on His sacred personality, we can, as the apostle Peter writes, participate in his divine nature—and understand more clearly the life of discipleship.

PRAISES FOR THE KING OF KINGS – Studies in the Psalms
Written by: Walter Chantry
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1991
ISBN: 0851515878

Walter Chantry invites us to share in meditation on the person of Christ and his work through the study of three psalms which focus our gaze on different aspects of his grace, majesty, and glory. Thus in Psalm 2, we are introduced to a philosophy of life; in Psalm 110, we are given a vision of the coronation of Christ; in Psalm 45 we catch a glimpse of Christ in the glory of his return.

THE BIBLE PANORAMA – Enjoying the Whole Bible with a Chapter-by-Chapter Guide
Written by: Gerard Chrispin
Published by Day One Publications 2010
ISBN: 9781846252075

It is a unique introduction to and survey of the Bible, giving an overview of each book of the Bible and taking into consideration the message of each verse, without actually being a verse-by-verse commentary. It provides a series of very memorable outlines for each chapter of the Bible. It also includes a succinct but vigorous defence of the Bible and concludes with a number of reading schemes to guide the reader through the Scriptures.

Written by: Francis H Derk
Published by Dimension Books 1976

Francis Derk has compiled all these revealing names under those major divisions and presents them in alphabetical order, complete with bible references and explanatory comments. The result is a convenient and unique sourcebook well suited to private meditation, Sunday school lessons, and sermon preparation.

FOCUS ON THE BIBLE – 1, 2, 3 John
Written by: Michael Eaton
Published by Christian Focus Publications1996
ISBN: 1857921526

Michael Eaton believes that John’s Epistles were written to counteract false teachers who were influencing Christians in the church. An exposition of these epistles could not be more timely as often people who come to Christ today have little or no church background – they can be easily influenced by false teaching. John showed in his letters that the most secure way to avoid being deceived was the importance of having a present experience of knowing the Father and the Son. Michael Eaton brings out this balanced approach to help give us healthy and fruitful church members.

THE GUIDE – The Bible Book by Book
Written by: Roger Ellsworth
Published by Evangelical Press 2002
ISBN 0852344864

One of the most fascinating aspects of the Bible is its unity. While many authors contributed to it, all their writings are connected with one theme. That one theme is the redemption of sinful men and women through the work of the Lord Jesus Christ. A shorter way of stating this theme is ‘Paradise lost and regained.’ This is the aim of this guide; to provide an overview of the entire Scriptures taking one book at a time. To assist with this aim, each chapter has helpful discussion questions to enable interactive study of the major themes of the book with the added assistance of the weblink to ask further questions of a dedicated panel of pastors and church officers.

STRENGTHENING CHRIST’S CHURCH – The Message of 1 Corinthians
Written by: Rodger Ellesworth
Published by Evangelical Press 1995
ISBN 0852343337

Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians was directed to a deeply troubled church in the midst of a very challenging world. The problem was that the church was contaminated by society’s sins and confused in its thinking. If this sounds hauntingly familiar it is because it hits perilously close to home. Today’s church finds herself in a frighteningly secular world, one in which paganism is aggressive and militant. Opportunities are great but the church often seems to be as contaminated and confused as the church at Corinth. Paul’s letter is a clarion call to the Christians in Corinth and to Christians today to come away from contamination and confusion and to function as salt and light.

GOD’S PROPHET, GOD’S SERVANT – A Study in Jeremiah & Isaiah 40-55
Written by: John Goldingay
Published by The Paternoster Press
ISBN: 085364604X

It is easy to think of Christian ministry as an exercise of our gifts or even finding fulfilment for ourselves. In God’s Prophet, God’s Servant, John Goldingay examines the portrait of a prophet’s ministry found in Jeremiah and the portrait of a servant’s ministry in Isaiah 40-55, showing us that in both cases, God calls us to a deeper and more demanding view of ministry.

THE GOSPEL IN REVELATION – Gospel and Apocalypse
Written by: Graeme Goldsworthy
Published by The Paternoster Press 1994
ISBN: 0853646309

It has become a standard evangelical disclaimer to talk about the book of Revelation as a happy hunting ground for cranks and end-time exegetes … but to still not have a much of a clue what it really does mean! The majority of our evangelical churches are still not all that familiar with either its contents or how best to handle and apply it in our own lives and pulpits. In this little book Graeme Goldsworthy offers a fresh understanding of the purpose and contemporary relevance of Revelation, arguing that the gospel is the key to unlocking its meaning. The study is further informed by the author’s knowledge of Old Testament literary idiom and structure. It could be argued that biblical theology is one of the most important disciplines to get a grip of for interpreting Revelation and so this book is definitely not to be neglected in the wealth of books available on the Apocalypse.

Written by: Donald Guthrie
Published by The Tyndale Press
ISBN: 0851116027

In contrast with other Pauline epistles addressed to churches, the pastoral epistles were written to individuals and were very personal. Yet in their personal nature, they were communicating information to the communities to which Timothy and Titus were ministering, says Donald Guthrie. “They are the natural and human expressions of the apostle’s own reflections about the future of the work he is obliged to delegate to others. They reveal, therefore, as much about their author’s reactions to the situations he faced as contemporary conditions in the church.”

Written by: William Hendriksen
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1957

The commentary by William Hendriksen on First and Second Timothy and Titus is quite accessible to someone studying these epistles for the first time. Whether one is looking for a general overview of the letters or is interested in studying a particular passage, the commentary is likely to prove helpful. The more technical issues, including those involving translation of the Greek text, are generally consigned to footnotes. Hendriksen provides his own translation of these letters in this commentary. In a helpful introduction, Hendriksen provides an excellent defence of the Pauline authorship of these epistles and answers the objections of the critics of said authorship.

MATTHEW HENRY’S COMMENTARY – on the whole bible Vols: 1-6
Written by: Matthew Henry
Published by MacDonald Publishing Company
ISBN: 0917006216


Matthew Henry’s Commentary has been a valued companion to the Bible for over three centuries. This commentary remains a source of wisdom for those seeking Scriptural insight. Used by Christians to further understand the Holy Scriptures. Truly an extensive piece of work, this commentary should help you in your pursuit of the Lord when used correctly.

Written by: Mark Johnston
Published by Banner of Truth Trust 2003
ISBN: 0851518338

Mark Johnston guides us through John’s account of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. John takes us by the hand and leads us into the depths and mysteries of Christ’s Person and wonders He has accomplished – so that the reader should come to living faith in Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, and have eternal life in His Name.

EVEN IN DARKNESS – Judges & Ruth simply explained
Written by: Gordon J Keddie
Published by Evangelical Press 1993
ISBN: 0852342012

The period of the Judges was an evil one, requiring hard words for hard times. The people of Israel had rejected their God for the desire of an earthly ruler, and had rebelled against his laws. Yet even in this time of unbelief and hypocrisy, God raised up men and women to call his people back to a personal faith in the living God. The author, in taking us through the book of Judges and Ruth, challenges Christians to live consistently with their profession of faith, and shows that ‘Even in Darkness’ God offers a message of hope and victory to those who will faithfully follow him.

THE GUIDE – Ecclesiastes
Written by: Gordon Keddie
Published by Evangelical press 2002
ISBN: 0852344856

In clear and concise terms with helpful questions and interactive exercises, Gordon Keddie skilfully guides the reader through this Old Testament book. Ecclesiastes has been called ‘pessimism literature,’ and is therefore a fitting message from God for our spiritually rootless age. The writer speaks from the contemporary perspective and questions, even ridicules, the status quo with merciless verve.

THE WAY OF WISDOM – Patience in waiting on God James 4-5
Written by: RT Kendall
Published by Paternoster Press 2002
ISBN: 1842271121

The book of James is also a letter that has a great deal to say to us here and now. Too oft the Christian church has been open to outside influences; wisdom has been replaced by popular consensus. The Way of Wisdom seeks to correct and counter such a movement. Taking as his theme the workings of a practical and personal faith, R.T. Kendall opens up this challenging epistle and offers a biblically based model for Christian nurture and discipline. Here is a book that encouraged reflection and the radical reorganization of our lives, as we reconsider our relationship with God, the church and ourselves.

PETER AND JUDE – New Testament Commentary
Written by: Simon J Kistemaker
Published by Evangelical Press 1987
ISBN: 0852342462

Simon Kistemaker’s commentary on the two letters of Peter and Jude is both scholarly and readable, making it appropriate for the serious Bible student and the layperson. Kistemaker places discussion of Greek words and phrases in separate sections from the verse-by-verse commentary itself. Kistemaker has fairly detailed introductory material to each of these letters. These introductions discuss date, intended audience, and the like. Kistemaker makes a case out for Peter’s authorship of both letters traditionally attributed to him. He also has a clear discussion of the relationship between 2 Peter and Jude.

THE KING AND HIS KINGDOM – Matthew Simply Explained
Written by: John Legg
Published by Evangelical Press 2004
ISBN 0852345615

According to Christ himself, the Christian’s priority must be to seek the kingdom of God. The aim of Matthew’s Gospel, and therefore of this commentary is to be both Christ-centred and practical. Its focus is the King and his kingdom. The structure of this commentary is based on the five lengthy discourses each of which deals with an aspect of Christ’s kingdom: its nature, its work, its coming, its community and its culmination in grace and judgement. After the prologue, which deals with the King’s birth, the Gospel follows the outline of Jesus’ life, interspersing this with various themes, especially the revelation of the person of Christ, the training and development of the disciples, the place of the Gentiles in the expanding kingdom, and the spiritual character of Christ’s reign. The last three chapters, describing the final days of Christ’s earthly life and ministry, do not exactly follow this pattern, but, far from being an anti-climax, look forward to the kingdom’s final consummation.

Written by: Clive S. Lewis
Published By fontana books 1961

In this moving theological work Lewis considers the most poetic portions from Scripture and what they tell us about God, the Bible, and faith. In this wise and enlightening book, Lewis examines the Psalms. As he divines the meaning behind these timeless poetic verses, he makes clear their significance in our daily lives, and reminds us of their power to illuminate moments of grace.

Written by: Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1974
ISBN: 0851511945

An excellent guide for the solid application of the Bible to the perplexities of marriage and family living in our day for preachers, teachers, parents, and young people.

Written by: Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones
Published by The banner of Truth Trust 1979
ISBN: 0851512933

“The intrinsic value of Ephesians 3 demands attention at all time, but it is particularly relevant to the condition of the Church today when a stronger experimental emphasis is urgently needed. Not for the first time in Christian history there are teachings abroad which dislike any emphasis upon experience. Sometimes these teachings appear in the form of an emphasis on “faith” only. Sometimes it is argued that, because of the assertion of Ephesians 1:3, Christians have no need to seek any further blessing. This third chapter of Ephesians gives us a direct answer to such teaching for Paul prays that these Ephesians, who had already believed and received so much, should receive so much more “even to being filled with” all the fullness of God”.

SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES – A Three Year Bible Study Course
Written by: G T Manley & H W Oldham
Published by The Inter-Varsity Fellowship 1958

The aim of the course is to provide for university students and others a working scheme which will cover the text of the whole Bible in three years. There are many schemes which provide more extensive commentaries and notes, but the purpose here is to stimulate the personal study of those who will give to it at least twenty minutes daily.

Written by: John Metcalfe
Published by The Publishing Trust 1998
ISBN: 1870039777

This spiritually penetrating and outstandingly original exposition of the book of Revelation of Jesus Christ opens the substance of seventeen consecutive lectures given by John Metcalfe, London.

Written by Matthew (under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit)
Published by Scripture Gift Mission Paperback (Largeprint)

The Gospel of St. Matthew is one of the most quoted books of the Bible. Noted especially for Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Chapters 5-7, Matthew is the source of the Beatitudes (5:1-10) and the Lord’s Prayer, the Our Father (6:9-13). Jesus states the Golden Rule in the Sermon on the Mount (7:12). Known as the Great Commission, the Gospel closes with Jesus calling the Apostles, “to make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded to you” (28:19-20). This addition produced conveniently in large print.

THE LETTERS OF OUR LORD – A 1st Century Message to 20th Century Christians
Written by: Dr G Campbell Morgan
Published by Pickering & Inglis LTD 1956

In “The Letters of Our Lord” renown pastor and theologian G. Campbell Morgan looks at the seven letters to the churches in the book of Revelation. With his usual depth and wisdom he brings out great insights from the Scriptural text and how they apply to our lives today! G. Campbell Morgan (1863-1945) was a well-known and highly regarded preacher and Bible teacher in England. He worked closely with D. L. Moody, F. B. Meyer and Martyn Lloyd-Jones and for over 20 years was pastor of Westminster Chapel. He left an amazing legacy in written books and sermons that still encourage, instruct and challenge today!

DARE TO STAND ALONE – Read and Enjoy the Book of Daniel
Written by: Stuart Olyott
Published by Evangelical Press 1989
ISBN: 0852341636

The book of Daniel is full of practical help – especially for believers who find themselves standing alone in the classroom or at work, or among their family and friends. Daniel tells us how to remain true to God in a hostile environment and shows us how to live for him when everything is against us. Daniel dared to stand alone. So, can we. Dare to stand alone is a masterpiece of clear, helpful applied writing and causes the book of Daniel to be living and relevant not only in its exciting narrative section but in its highly symbolic section also.

“FROM GILGAL TO BOCHIM…NEVERTHELESS…” – A Message from the Book of Judges
Written by: Stuart Pendrich
Published by Amazon 2018

The question may be asked, ‘What lessons can we possibly hope to learn from the ancient record of a nation so far removed from our own, such as the one we find here
in the book of Judges?’ It is just this issue I seek to address in this short study, since I am of the deep conviction that this period of Israel’s history has a great deal to say to
the world of our day, with particular relevance to the Christian Church. In the words of king Solomon found in the book of Ecclesiastes, “That which has been is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun.” (Eccles. Ch. 1:9). Indeed, speaking directly of that generation which the Lord delivered from their bondage in Egypt, the
apostle Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians Ch.10:11, “Now all these things happened to them as examples and they were written for our admonition, upon whom the end of the ages has come.” The message contained within the book of Judges contains a very serious word of warning to the people of God in every generation but with special relevance to our own.

FOUR PROPHETS – Amos, Hosea, The First Isaiah, Micah
Written by: J B Phillips
Published by Geoffrey Bles Ltd 1963

A Modern Translation from the Hebrew by J. B. Phillips from Hebrew sources of the books of Amos, Hosea, First Isaiah and Micah The book was published in 1963 Macmillan in the US and Geoffrey Bles in the UK. Phillips also published The New Testament in Modern English. The remainder of the Old Testament was never completed by him. Excerpt from Isaiah 21:1-2, translated in a “thought-for-thought” pattern: A Warning from the desert:

A dreadful vision has come to me, roaring out of the desert from the terrible land, Sweeping on like the whirlwinds in the south. The plunderer continues his plundering, the destroyer continues his destruction. Up then, men of Elam, Besiege them, men of Media! Put an end to their boastings.

Written by: J B Phillips
Published by Geoffrey Bles Ltd 1957

Vivid themes from this last book of the New Testament have the mystery, symbolism and beauty of “celestial poetry.” Symbolic messages, originally intended for the Seven Churches of Asia, are relevant to all Christians but are usually neglected because of the obscurity of archaic Greek expressions. Without defining all the subtleties or detracting from their beauty J. B. Phillips makes them thrilling and understandable in his own popular style of modern English.

Written by: A W Pink
Published by Baker Book House 1982
ISBN: 0801070732

All the writings and published sermons of Arthur Pink were closely reasoned from the Bible and addressed Christian life issues or doctrines that Pink believed needed special attention. The Beatitudes and the Lord’s Prayer draw illuminating insights from these momentous passages. Arthur W. Pink looks, phrase-by-phrase, at the meaning and implications of two vital statements of Jesus, seeing in them an overview of what Christianity and prayer should be.

Written by: A W Pink
Published by The Banner Of Truth Trust 2006
ISBN: 0851519237

From the moment of his conversion Paul was a man of prayer. His many prayers scattered throughout his letters are among the richest sources in all of Scripture for getting a practical insight into the subject matter of God-honouring prayer. Pink’s detailed study captures the essence of the apostle’s concern for the congregations on whose behalf he consistently prayed. However, Gleanings from Paul is much more than a mere study of Paul’s prayers. Pink’s insights help to gain a more rounded understanding of the apostle himself, the God he served, and the churches with which he worked.

Written by: A W Pink
Published by The Banner of Truth trust 1985
ISBN: 0851510329

“There is grave reason to believe that much Bible reading and Bible study has been of no spiritual profit to those who engaged in it. We greatly fear that in many instances it has proved a curse rather than a blessing. This is strong language, we are well aware, yet no stronger than the case calls for. Divine gifts may be misused, and Divine mercies abused. That this has been so in the present instance is evident by the fruits produced. Even the natural man may take up the study of the Scriptures with the same enthusiasm and pleasure as he might of the sciences. Where this is the case, his store of knowledge is increased, and so also is his pride. Like a chemist engaged in making interesting experiments, the intellectual searcher of the Word is quite elated when he makes some discovery in it; but the joy of the latter is no more spiritual than would be that of the former. Again, just as the successes of the chemist generally increase his sense of self-importance and cause him to look with disdain upon others more ignorant than himself, so alas, is it often the case with those who have investigated Bible numerics, typology, prophecy and other such subjects.” Arthur Walkington Pink was an English Christian evangelist and Biblical scholar known for his staunchly Calvinist and Puritan-like teachings.

Written by: P B Power
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1984
ISBN: 0851514294

The ‘I Wills’ of Christ explains the dynamic behind Power’s life, because it points us to Christ and to all that he has promised to do. It is these promises which form the foundation of all true Christian experience and provide hope, encouragement, and challenge in Christian living. They are the basis for prayer and evangelism, comfort, and joy. P.B. Power’s exposition of them is outstandingly valuable. P.B. Power entered the ministry of the Church of England in 1846. He served congregations in Leicester, Holloway in London, and Worthing until 1865. He spent the last 34 years of his life as in invalid. His writings include The ‘I Wills of the Psalms and A Book of Comfort.

Written by: P B Power
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1985
ISBN: 0851514456

“The following pages are designed rather to suggest than to teach, to whisper than to speak. Yet all their whisperings are of importance, for their subjects are from the word of God; may they admonish and encourage, may they remind and direct, may they help and confirm the people of the Lord according to their respective needs; may they shew them where they have failed to determine, and where their determinations have come short; and, from time to time, reminded by these pages of these things, may they go on unto perfection, until the fulfilled determinations of time, bring to them the fruition of glory in eternity.”

Written by: J C Ryle
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1986
ISBN: 0851514839

For hundreds of years Christendom has been blessed with Bible commentaries written by great men of God highly respected for their godly walk and their insight into spiritual truth. The Crossway Classic Commentaries present the very best work on individual Bible books, carefully adapted for maximum understanding and usefulness for today’s believers. Matthew is a fascinating treatment of the first Gospel. Well exegeted, accompanied by encouraging practical application, this helpful volume shares the power of God’s promises fulfilled in God-become-man, Jesus Christ. Familiar passages come alive in the exposition given by a great man of faith; new gems of understanding and vision fuel heart-felt worship and new commitment for holy living. A remarkable work sure to equip and encourage all modern-day believers!

Written by: J C Ryle
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1986
ISBN: 0851514987
Written by: J C Ryle
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1986
ISBN: 0851514979

Luke is an encouraging treatment of the third Gospel–the life of Christ as told by “the beloved physician” under the direction of God’s Spirit. The teachings and miracles of our Saviour come to life in a powerful way, producing deeper devotion and increased commitment in the hearts of those who follow the Master. An assuring volume that will strengthen and encourage Christian believers as they seek to better understand what it means to walk with Christ day by day. Ryle’s chief aim is to help the reader to know Christ. He also has another object in view. He writes so that his commentaries can be read aloud to a group. There are many other fuller commentaries on the Gospels, but no others make such compelling reading as those of J.C. Ryle.

Written by: J C Ryle
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1987
ISBN: 0851515045
Written by: J C Ryle
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1987
ISBN: 0851515053

Most Christians see nothing beyond the surface of the Bible when they read it. We want more clear knowledge of Christ, as a living person, a living priest, a living physician, a living friend, a living Saviour soon about to come again. Knowing little of Christianity but the skeleton of doctrines – I desire never to forget those two things: “if I can do anything to make Christ and the Bible more honourable in these latter days, I shall be truly thankful and content.” This volume covers the Gospel of St John.

AWAITING CHRISTS RETURN – Study outlines in Thessalonians
Written by: Leith Samuel
Published by Marshall, Morgan & Scott 1961

“How does the future look?” – “What will happen next?” It is in the letters of Paul to the Thessalonians that Leith Samuel finds a wealth of teaching concerning “the blessed hope of the appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ”. These stimulating study outlines will encourage the reader to further study and searching. They cover every verse of the Epistle and the student will be helped to understand the teaching in its original text and its present-day application.

Written by: Charles H Spurgeon
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1969

The student or pastor with a small but growing library, as well as the pastor possessing an extensive one, will welcome the opportunity to secure this reprint of Spurgeon’s catalogue of Biblical commentaries and expositions. Once you begin to dip into this volume it will become a faithful friend by your side. Worth its weight in gold! “New commentaries on the Bible abound, but often the cutting edge is dull. With few exceptions, the old works are better by far. Spurgeon’s Commenting and Commentaries is invaluable for identifying the best works of past generations, many of which have been reprinted in our day.” – Dr. Robert P. Martin

THE TREASURY OF DAVID Vol.1 – Psalm 1-57
Written by: Charles H Spurgeon
Published by Hendrickson Publishers
THE TREASURY OF DAVID Vol.2 – Psalm 58-110
Written by: Charles H Spurgeon
Published by Hendrickson Publishers
THE TREASURY OF DAVID Vol.3 – Psalm 111-150
Written by: Charles H Spurgeon
Published by Hendrickson Publishers

Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the “Prince of Preachers,” composed and polished The Treasury of David over the span of nearly half his ministry. This incomparable commentary and omnibus on the Psalms have been prized by Christians ever since. Spurgeon’s own commentary on every verse of the Psalms is extremely insightful, and by itself it would have been rich enough for posterity. But there is much more in The Treasury of David. You will find a wealth of illuminating extracts and quotes from hundreds of commentators–contemporaries of Spurgeon as well as the great Puritan expositors of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Preachers and teachers will appreciate the homiletical hints on almost every verse, concise sermon outlines, and provocative seed thoughts. Useful bibliographies and an index of authors offer more practical help. Whether you’re teaching on the Psalms, studying them for personal devotions, or simply intrigued by the writings of Spurgeon, you’ll enjoy this splendid classic.

MEN MADE NEW – An Exposition of Romans 5-8
Written by: John R. W. Stott
Published by Inter-Varsity Fellowship 1966

This book takes up a section of Paul’s letter to the Romans which lies right at the heart of the New Testament teaching on the Christian life – the rich inheritance which belongs everyone who has been ‘made new’ in Christ. Men Made New – is notable not only for its careful, clear, straightforward exposition but also for its fresh insight into passages which have often given particular difficulty – such as the meaning of ‘dyeing to sin’, for instance. The result of this book which will be a tremendous help to many in sorting out the doctrinal basis of vital questions of Christian experience.

THE PREACHER’S PORTRAIT – Five New Testament Word Studies
Written by: John R. W. Stott
Published by Langham Preaching Resources 2016

In this updated version of The Preacher’s Portrait John Stott presents a portrait of the ideal preacher; a portrait painted by the hand of God himself on the broad canvas of the New Testament. Through studying five roles of a preacher – steward, herald, witness, father, and servant – Stott illustrates God’s ideal for a preacher’s character, message and purpose.

THE APOSTLE PETER – Outline Studies on His Life & Writings
Written by: W H Griffith Thomas
Published by Kregel Publications 1984
ISBN: 0825438233

The Apostle of Peter, Outline Studies on His Life and Writings by W H Griffith Thomas This book is a practical devotional exposition of the life and writings of Peter which offers the believing reader rich insights into the life, ministry and writings of the Apostle. The author’s suggestive outlines offer not only spiritual perception and scholarship, but also rich devotional insights for the pastor and Bible student alike. One reviewer of this book said: “The author’s clear, crisp, straight-forward style, joined as it is with wisdom, both theological and devotional, give this expository work classic status.”

A SON IS PROMISED – Christ in the Psalms
Written by: Harry Uprichard
Published by Evangelical Press 1994
ISBN: 0852343272

In this book Harry Uprichard selects several psalms which are quoted in the New Testament and specifically applied to Christ. He first establishes the broad lines of teaching in the psalm itself and then moves on to its fulfilment in the New Testament. The emerging pattern becomes exciting and our hearts are warmed as we discover hidden in the Psalms further pearls of great price about Christ, our Lord and Saviour. Jesus himself pointed the way to a deeper understanding of them when he told his disciples, ‘Everything must be fulfilled that is written about me in the Law of Moses, the Prophets and the Psalms’ (Luke 24:44). Christ is what the Old Testament is about, and the Old Testament is about Christ is written large on every page. He is the storyline of all Scripture, Old and New Testaments.

Written by: Noel Weeks
Published by The Banner of truth trust 1995
ISBN: 0851516904

An introduction to the literature and message of the Old Testament and a more detailed study of the three foundational books – Genesis, Exodus and Deuteronomy – on which the rest of the Bible stands. This book will help to build a secure and lasting foundation for a life-time of study, while others for whom the Old Testament is already a well known companion will find insight which will help towards a deeper and even more rewarding grasp of the message.

Written by: Octavius Winslow
Published by The Banner of Truth Trust 1991
ISBN: 0851515924 Paperback

In this book we give you Octavius Winslow’s consideration of Romans chapter 8 – No Condemnation in Christ Jesus. Romans, the letter written by the apostle Paul is an outline of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in its purest form. Paul was writing to Christians living in a city that was the centre of the world in those days. It was the seat of government, culture and power. The Church to which Paul wrote had never met the apostle but there can be no doubt they had heard of him and knew of his importance in teaching the Christians of the day. They were young in their faith and needed Paul’s teaching to build them up, educate them and give them a message from God to help them in their trying circumstances of living and worshipping in Rome. This extensive consideration of Romans 8 we are treated to the a depth of insight rarely encountered. This chapter of the Bible is often quoted by Christians all over the world and it is a chapter of both challenge and encouragement.

AN OPEN LETTER TO EVANGELICALS – A Commentary on the First Epistle of John
Written by: R. E. O. White
Published by The Paternoster Press 1964

In this refreshing yet challenging commentary Mr. White shows that the thrust of this epistle is particularly relevant to those who desire and profess a purely biblical foundation for their faith and conduct. It warns against loving in word only, and failing to meet social and civic responsibilities; again professing spiritual enlightenment that does not issue in action; against claims to a cleansing from sins that brings no further need for repentance and pardon. It highlights an arrogance that divides the people of God, a spiritual pride that demands supernatural signs, an exclusive spirit that is born in fear and destroys brotherly love. And because these are dangers that lurk in every heart, the first epistle of John might well be called “an open letter” to all those of whatever persuasion “who fain would serve Him best” and therefore are often “conscious most of wrong within”.